A Wordpress for companies?

Experiencing this analog friction every day at Otonomos.com, which helps the crypto and blockchain community form companies in all major jurisdictions around the world, we started to wonder why companies could not be spun up in the same way WordPress lets you launch a website and add plug-ins.(*)

Another analogy we used was an IKEA-type company assembler that lets users buy “flat-packed” companies which can be activated with very few variables.

From here, in summer 2020, we built OtoCo almost as a hobby project, just to see if it could be done. We documented our design and less than a year later, over 200 users now own experimental onchain LLCs in Wyoming and Delaware using their Ethereum wallet as first Member and Manager.

OtoCo is now researching how to make its company formation tool work also in other jurisdictions and for pre-packaged structures such as a BVI crypto hedge fund, a cheap and cheerful offshore single purpose vehicle, or even a Trust or a Foundation. Expect an announcement on this in late summer. ____________________________________________________________________________________

(*) WordPress could be improved on a lot hence the analogy is risqué: It is slow, as it uses PHP which is currently the slowest mainstream CMS. It is not really easy to use with some alternatives that are much simpler like Light, Surreal and Bolt. So, if WordPress is not in any appreciable way better than its competitors, how is it that it powers 20% of the web and is still gaining market share? We believe because it has over 40,000 plugins developed by a community that was, at first, looking to solve their own problems. Arguably, people don’t chose WordPress because it’s a good product, but because the plugins solve their specific needs. Want a starer e-commerce website with a Forum, Social Network, Photo Gallery and Scheduling System? Easy, just use WordPress!

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