4. Funding update

UPDATE: The OTOCO Pre-order has Finished!

The pre-order stage of the OtoCo launchpool successfully closed today with over 1.1 million USD in OTOCO tokens reserved by 107 users of otoco.io and by wider community.

OtoCo is Otonomos’ gift to the community and we are especially pleased that we were able to raise the very first funding for its roadmap from you so big thanks!


At 8 a.m. PST today, the OtoCo launchpool smart contract automatically closed which immediately triggered the Distribution stage.

During this stage, OTOCO tokens have been automatically sent to all who pre-ordered the token at the price they locked in when staking. You can see the Distribution on Etherscan here.

Just follow this tutorial https://cryptonews.com/guides/how-to-add-tokens-to-metamask.htm to see the OTOCO tokens you pre-ordered in Metamask.

With all tokens distributed, the Claiming Stage kicked in which sent all contributions to our OtoCO DAO multi-sig treasury wallet together with the balance of the OTOCO tokens. This will allow OtoCo to access the contributions and use it to continue to BUIDL.

Each and every step of our launchpool was fully automated with complete pricing transparency and not only without the need for manual intervention but without the **possibility** of human intervention. If you want to use our audited launchpool smart contract for your own token pre-order campaign, just spin up a DAO or an onchain LLC on otoco.io and select OtoGO from the left hand menu.


By the end of this month, we will make an announcement about how we plan to implement governance mining to our token inflation model. As with how we raised our first funding, here too we want to experiment with a new model which we hope can become a reference for the community.

There will also be an announcement about how the OtoCo project will open itself to further investment by the community.

Join our official Telegram channel for all updates.

Thanks again everyone, we’re very excited to see where the community is going the take the OtoCo project next!

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